Graphic Design Tips: Successful Business Card Design

Business card designs have come a long way and are in great demand, particularly with the vast variety of options being designed by graphic designers. A number of elements must be taken in consideration while making visiting cards, for them to serve their purpose effectively.

Before you consider the options for new cards, you must educate yourself about all the techniques that can help your card be your key to success.

Determine your goal before you design your business cards. Is your goal to introduce yourself as an individual or as a business or do you want to create a unique identity? Your purpose will determine what your card will look like.

You must ensure that all important information is included in your card, including your name, the company’s name, contact information, office address and company logo.

In addition to your company’s name, add information about what products or services you offer in one short sentence or even a phrase. The person looking at your card should know at a glance what your organization does.

Design your card to look unique, extraordinary and worth keeping. Out of the numerous design options available, look for something that will make clients remember you.

Including your photograph to your card adds value and connects your face to your company’s name for clients who might remember either one. You can choose a picture or use typography that depicts your business or industry.

Before you print the cards, you still have to review and select the right material for the cards. The card, the concept and the selection of paper should all complement each other. Interesting options include matte, glossy, torn edges, perforated edges or textured. The texture should be such that all content gets printed well.

The size of the card should be such that it can easily fit into the standard card holder available in the market. Usual wallets also have standardized pockets for keeping business cards. Select the size of your cards to fit into these holders and pockets so that your clients can keep them conveniently.

Your business card will be the image representing you and your business at many places and make sure your final selection is one that creates a good image.

Prepare for the time in the future when you might be extending your business globally or to a specific location. Your business will benefit if you design your business card in the language of your targeted region.

Compare the card design with other business cards and make relevant changes based on whether you want to conform or stand out. However, if you are pleased with what your card looks like, proceed with the printing.

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Graphic Designer Tips: Business Card Designs That Work

The value of good-quality business cards

Business cards are effective promotional tools, which reflect and represent your business and of course, you. Even if you are a devoted business executive, a poorly designed card communicates the opposite. A well-designed card that suitably represents you and your business can intrigue its recipients. Investing in high-quality cards may be expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of potential clients that will get in touch with you to discuss business proposals after you start giving out your new and improved cards.

Your business cards must represent your company

A business card design should reflect your business type. If your company deals in tourism, your business cards should be colourful and vibrant, while a financial institute should use minimal and simple styles. The reason is that people associate the qualities reflected in your card with your organisation and may choose to do business with your company only if it seems to have the appropriate qualities. Your card is the first representation at their end and it should be impactful.

Include your company’s logo

Your company’s logo is one of the most important elements on your card, because logos generally have the power to reflect a business and gain the trust of potential clients. When your logo comes in contact with target audiences, it creates an impression about your business.

Add a slogan or a tag line

If your business does not already have a slogan or tag line, you need to create one that reflects what your company does in a very short sentence or phrase. This phrase could be part of your company’s vision or mission statements. Keep it concise, attractive, memorable and clear, with not more than five words. Don’t take this as an opportunity to provide elaborate details about your product.

Keep it simple

The preferable backgrounds for business cards are white or light grey, both of which prevent business cards from looking very cluttered. If you have a lot of information to provide, use both sides of the card to make each of them look spacious. Your goal is to make your card look attractive while providing all the essential information.