Wedding Planning – 10 Things You Really Don’t Need

Kirti wedding planner is the most experience and best of the wedding and birthday organizers in Delhi NCR regions. If you are looking for the best wedding planner who helps you to fulfill all you dream wedding comes true, so you have landed to the right place. We as a experience wedding planner offers different types of themes and destination wedding along with the organization and coordination of all the relevant functions.

The services we offers are:

Theme Decoration- With vast knowledge and experience in this field, we are reckoned amid the topmost service provider offering Theme Decoration services to our patrons across the nation.

2. Production- Kirti Wedding Planner is best known for Tent Decoration Services, Mandap Decoration Services, Party Lighting Services, Wedding Tent Decoration Services and Corporate Events & Party Organizers in Delhi.

3. Wedding Cards- Kirti Wedding Planner” is going to add a new dimension to regular wedding invitation cards and will offer an innovative solution for enhancing wedding cards.

4. Food Catering- Stupendous Catering Experience. Kirti Wedding Planner Cuisine is known for top notch catering each time that leaves a lasting impression for years to come. We believe in crafting grand events through unforgettable food that takes your occasion to another level.

5. DJ Sound & Music- Kirti Wedding Planner provides award winning DJ & live music services for weddings & events across Delhi. At Kirti Wedding Planner, our focus is to complete your vision through customizable package options, high-quality service, and most importantly, great music.

6. Artist Management- Whether you’re looking for singers or wedding bands in Delhi, or you need a wedding magician to blow everyone away, we can match you with the most amazing hand-picked artists. The options are almost endless!…

7. Venue- Whether you are looking for the perfect venue for an intimate wedding, private dinner, or family party, or something with real ‘wow’ factor for that important business meeting or conference, send us your requirements and let our Venue Finder help you…

8. Destination Weddings- Kirti Wedding Planner is the premiere destination wedding consultancy planning stress-free weddings at the world’s most exclusive resorts. We work with an extensive collection of properties and vendors, each event we plan is custom-designed to reflect our client’s unique budget and wedding vision.

9. Pick Up & Drop- We are here to providing you the best tour services. We offer Car and Bus rental services including sightseeing, Pickup and Drop services, outstation trips, hotel and resort booking services, luxury Car for wedding Rentals services and other tour and travel related services.

So just sit back and relax and enjoy the Stress free wedding!

Kirit wedding planner is the best and most experience wedding and bithday planner in Delh and NCR$ region. How we do it? On the first day it’s a classic Sagan, the next day it’s a traditional Mehndi function in the afternoon ensued by a funky Sangeet at night, the day after is a naughty Bachelor/ Bachelorette party, then your grand Wedding followed by a gala Reception, and all you have to do is look good and be there.

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How To Understand Freight Traffic Lanes For Freight Brokers And Owner Operators

Traffic lanes are the most important aspect that every new freight broker agent or new owner operator must understand. The movement of freight within the United States is determined by the shipping lanes or traffic lane and this is the basis of the cost of shipping products and what loads pay the trucking company who moves the loads within the lane. Moving freight from one state to another on approved interstates, highways, and other DOT approved roads is called a traffic lane or shipping lane. The direction of where the freight is going, the ease of its drop off location, and the availability of freight to be picked up greatly determines the value of pay to the carrier within the lane. Trucking companies are always looking to see if a load is available after the initial load has been delivered. This is what draws the influence of multiple carriers within certain regions and this generates the value of the lanes and what lanes will pay truck carriers who want to deliver in the specified areas.

Another factor to consider is the dead head. You will hear this daily across the freight movement cycle and it can be confusing. Many freight brokers and owner operators consider dead head to be the make it or break point. Carriers do not want to waste valuable time and fuel cost getting to the next load. True freight brokers are a master of keeping dead head down. A good traffic lane has less dead head values since the freight is more available which makes getting a load easier. Freight in Texas is a good example. Dead head is considered the last load a trucking company delivers and the distance between the next load pick up. Keeping dead head miles under 100 miles is critical since the HOS (Hours of Service) is playing into how much time the carrier is allowed for pick up and deliverer before there reset is mandatory.

Every new freight broker agent and new owner operator must decide what traffic lanes are best available around them and from there they can begin to start building their logistical business. Freight brokers must communicate to carriers and understanding where they want to move loads and what regions they are comfortable in is critical in your freight dispatching business. Freight agents and brokers must remember to listen to the carrier’s needs since without the carrier you cannot move the loads.

Traffic lanes affect the cost of freight movement for several key factors and below are the top 2 key factors explained. Knowing the freight cost is important and knowing what determines the cost will help you better understand the rates to move freight.

2 Key factors to consider when choosing a traffic lane and how the rates are affected:

1. State Locations Regulations and Highway Systems

When carriers are delivering freight, a key factor is where the lane is located. Driving through the Rocky Mountains will definitely cost more than the flat interstates of Texas. Going into Florida which is considered land locked and no way out but from the way you came in is another example. The location and terrain greatly affect the traffic lane when carriers base their fuel at 5 miles to a gallon. Also each states have IFTA rules and toll fees according to their own state highway laws. The more tolls a trucking company must pass through, the more they will need in rates.

Carriers will look at the drop off location and how far it is off a good paying traffic lane or Interstate. If a carrier needs to drive an additional 25 miles one way through a few small towns then again this is going to affect the rate. All carriers are looking for a way to deliver with ease and pick up with ease. Being knowledgeable in these states is where the freight broker agent can provide a service that can be attracting and appealing to all carriers. Congested highways, multiple toll fees, and bad drop off locations will determine to carriers if its worth it or not. Overcome these issues with
knowledge and it’s a win situation for all parties

2. Availability of Freight

Freight lane prices are determined by the amount of loads each state has available divided by the number of carriers available to move the loads. A good example would be Florida. Taking a load into Florida usually pays more than other states, since the number of loads coming out are fewer. So, when coming out of Florida it pays less since there are more carriers within Florida than loads available. Making it a shipper’s market on coming out with cheaper rates and a carrier’s market going in. Another State for example is Texas. Freight coming out of Texas usually pays well since the abundance of loads are pretty much everywhere. So, there’s more loads than available carriers and a trucking company can usually grab a descent paying load going out. The coin flips the other way going into Texas. Freight normally pays average going in since the abundance of freight going out. The cycle continues per each state and every freight broker and owner operator must adapt to learning these states individually by learning the freight markets.

There are many factors involving traffic lanes and it always best to work with a broker who is knowledgeable. Finding such a broker is few and far between and for this reason, many owner operators have a hard time understanding and overcoming the traffic lane confusion. Taking into consideration the key points mentioned above, other points to consider is the Weather and time of year, seasons do affect shipping and for every new season, different industries begin to have different available freight.

One brokerage to mention who have mastered the dispatch of freight and traffic lanes is Rig Diggers Logistics. We recommend any new or seasoned owner operator who is wanting to grow better lanes, by contacting Rig Diggers Logistics and joining their dispatch program. They can keep any owner operator moving with less dead head, and strategically dispatching trucks into the higher paying lanes. These types of services greatly affect the line haul revenue each week by a $1000.00 or more. So, it’s very important to work with professionals who have mastered the trade of freight lanes and dispatch. When you begin to start a new career as a freight broker or trucking company, or you have been in the industry for a while, knowing your traffic lanes and how to use them is going to make all the difference of your success and profits.

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Do Prospects Know, Like, and Trust Your Brand?

If people know, like, and trust your content, they will want to do business with you.

It doesn’t take an ace marketing team to figure that one out. And yet, many brands fail at one of these crucial elements all too often.

You don’t have to put all your effort into all of them all the time. But if even you neglected one, it will show in your performance.

It is easy and simple to say all that, but what does it mean practically? Let’s take a closer look at these terms.

What Does It Mean to Know?
To know means a little more than just recognizing your brand and being aware of it. It’s about understanding what your business is about on a deeper level. To get to that level, you must actively and directly share information with prospects.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should write an essay on your About page. Nor does it mean that every interaction with prospects needs to underscore all aspects of your business.

Sometimes, what’s left unsaid tells an important story. Keeping things simple sends a message that your brand is focused and dedicated to results without the fluff. At the same time, if you’re just starting out, it’s a good idea to let people know of the brand’s details explicitly.

In 1983, Apple Computers published an 18-page brochure called Macintosh Introduction in Newsweek. They saw those 18 pages as necessary to get their concept across ahead of the Macintosh’s launch. Contrast that with Apple’s approach today. The more prospects know you, the less you’ll have to work at this step.

What Does It Mean to Like?
The first thing to make peace with is that not everyone is going to like you or your brand.

Some prospects just won’t like your approach to sales, or they just won’t like what you’re offering. That’s OK, as long as you know why that’s so.

Every marketing decision you make puts you in a category. For every person that likes how you engage with them, there’s bound to be one that doesn’t. Your job is to figure out why they like or dislike you.

Sometimes, you’ll find that getting some people to like you isn’t worth sacrificing your values. It’s fine to make that choice, as long as you know why you’re making it.

One of the things that most people don’t like is being sold to. It’s not a pleasant experience, especially if it’s glaringly obvious. To get people to really like your brand, infuse value into your content.

There are many ways to get your prospects to like you, but the key thing is that you have to give them something to like. Your brand should have some character, as it’s hard to like something that’s bland and uninspiring.

What Does It Mean to Trust?
This is the easiest one to get right, and yet many get it wrong.

Humans are trusting by nature. We believe most of the things we hear. Otherwise, it would be impossible to have a conversation.

All you have to do to get prospects to trust you is never fail on the promises you make. With most prospects you reach, you have a priori trust in good-faith engagement. Don’t compromise that trust and your job is done.

A great example of this is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s $2,000 employee empowerment allowance. Every employee is authorized to spend up to $2,000 to repair a patron’s negative experience. That creates deep trust. People trust that, no matter what, their experience will ultimately be satisfactory when they stay at the Ritz.

Knowing Leads to Liking and Eventually to Trusting
Whenever you make a decision ask yourself how it impacts your prospects’ view of your brand.

Do as much as you need to raise awareness, even if it means publishing an 18-page brochure about your product. Figure out what your prospects like and what they don’t. Don’t assume beforehand. Finally, never, ever fail to deliver on promises.

Pamela Wigglesworth, CSP is an international marketing consultant, speaker and the CEO of Experiential Hands-on Learning based in Asia. She is the author of The 50-60 Something ™ Start-up Entrepreneur and works with organizations across multiple industries to help them increase brand awareness, increase leads and ultimately increase sales.

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